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Risky Realtor Business: – Toronto Realtor Creates Tom Cruise Movie Parody

Get ready for an unforgettable and hilarious virtual home tour…

Our client, Brandon Hebert, showcases his inventive creativity in this Tom Cruise “Risky Business” movie parody. This engaging video combines humor, real estate, and pure entertainment as Brandon enjoys local Banter and Co Brewing beer, attempts to eat a frozen dinner, and dances terribly to the tune of “Old Time Rock and Roll”.
Watch the video above for surprise visits, awkward interactions, and an iconic tagline that makes this property tour truly unforgettable. Stay till the end for some traditional cinematography and highlights of the house. ​With high ceilings, a cozy fireplace, and beautiful windows, this property–42 Rosemarie Cres., Whitby–shines through the comical dance routine.

​Enjoy and share it with someone who appreciates a good laugh! 😀

Matt Vardy
Matt Vardy